a FREE GUIDE to ending the worst part of any writing process - the part where you stop writing!

from TIME Top 25 Blogger and MGM TV showrunner, Jessie Rosen

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Hi, my name is Jessie, and I used to spend hours cursing at my blinking cursor. Sound familiar?  

  • Are you struggling to start writing that book you've been dreaming of writing for years?

  • Would your business be booming if you could only get your marketing materials written?

  • Does your lack of flow frustrate you so much you want to give up on writing all together?

I know. I've been all those places too.

So I vowed to END THAT ANXIETY for us all.

This guide will help you...

Start Writing Quickly

Never sit staring at a blank page again.

Push Through When You're Stuck

Keep writing once you start, always!

Learn To Love The Process

Love to write so you get more done!

WHAT'S THE CATCH? There isn't one. This is my gift to you so none of us have to suffer!

Grab it today. Write non-stop tomorrow.


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I'm Jessie Rosen, an LA-based writer with 20 years experience beating my own vicious writers block.

I've developed tricks, tips and tools to get what's in my head onto the page - whether that's a novel, screenplay, blog post, short story or wedding toast! Check out my whole writing life story at www.jessierosen.com.

The process of writing is my passion, and this guide is my way of making sure everyone that wants to write can get anything they want written!

My goal: conquer #writerlife one trick at a time. Join me!